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    Re: No man's sky [denunzia]

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    a parte i trailer con interazioni e grafica patinata ad hoc principalmente multiplayer e coop

    planetary physics
    ship classes with meaningful differentiation
    faction reputation with meaningful gameplay impact
    homogenous resource availability
    asteroid landings
    space station and fleet destruction
    large fleets
    traveling freighters
    large scale battles the player can join
    in-atmosphere battles
    NPCs outside trading posts and other docks
    ringed planets
    sand planets
    flying between stars (as opposed to warping via the Galactic interface)
    complex creature behaviour including environmental interaction
    points of interest such as large structures and crashed freighters
    hacking locked doors
    radio chatter
    interaction with other players
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    Re: No man's sky [denunzia]

    Lo voglio!

    Si trova in giro nei fiumiciattoli?

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    Re: No man's sky [denunzia]

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