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    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam


    The first two of the central pillars of gameplay to look at are Squads and Firefights. There have been many discussions on the forums on these two topics, but here are some thoughts from us:

    The new squad system is currently being built with an emphasis toward playing with your friends, ease of cooperation/working with the rest of the squad and squad communications. This squad system should provide more “friend” functionality, while removing some of the complexity of the old system.

    In general, we are aiming to promote more defined firefights between players, enhancing and updating some of the core shooting mechanics. Not going to help if you let someone sneak up behind you, or ambush you from 10 feet away - or you let Mr Snipey take a carefully worked shot at your head. But for face-to-face engagements at normal combat ranges, a little more thought, practice and skill may be needed. Easy to use and understand, a need for calm under fire, but still deadly.

    We will be sharing more information about both of these systems, other changes and new features as we move forward.

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is being built on top of an enhanced version of the RO2/RS (UE3) platform. As part of this we are also working to enhance our community SDK by looking to clear modding roadblocks that were encountered on our previous titles.

    The lead developer for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the team that brought you Rising Storm, some of whom came from the Red Orchestra modding community (such as the Darkest Hour team) - Antimatter Games ( www.antimattergames.com ). Antimatter Games will be bringing the game to you some time this year!

    Be sure and follow our Rising Storm Game Facebook page for all the latest news and information about Rising Storm 2: Vietnam: https://www.facebook.com/RisingStormGame/ and continue to follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tripwireint

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    già era difficile sgamare i jap nella giungle nel primo figuriamo ora i dannati charlie
    e pensate se faranno anche sezioni nei tunnel. mi sale già l'ansia

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    Re: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

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