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24-01-16, 10:12
è giunto il tempo di rimediare a una ingiustizia. è il mometo di aprire il 3d dedicato a questo titolo dallo sviluppo alquanto travagliato, l'unico che promette di riportare il pve vecchia maniera in voga. la release è ancora lontana, si parla del 2017, e il gioco è ancora in pieno sviluppo ma il fatto che dietro ci siano brad mcquaid e gente con grande esperienza fa ben sperare.

link al sito ufficiale (https://www.pantheonmmo.com/)



-- -- -- Game Features -- -- --

- A classic take on epic MMO adventure.

- Enjoy a Lore-rich and deeply complex world where environmental storytelling is central.

- An MMO developed by gamers who aren't afraid to target an audience of like-minded gamers.

- A focus on exploration, adventure, and combat.

- Finally, an MMORPG for players wanting a challenging and rewarding experience. No risk, no reward.

- Explore the world of Terminus as you see fit, on the beaten path or far off of it – just don’t say we didn't warn you!

- Harness the powers of ancient heroes, insidious enemies and even the Celestials to augment your own knowledge and abilities.

- Play classes that have meaningful and defined roles such as Tank, Healer, DPS or Utility (crowd and encounter control). Class identity and group interdependability is key!

- Choose from a variety of races to play, delve into their epic back-stories and learn of the Celestials who may have been brought to Terminus with them.

- Group-focused, intensely social game play using a class based system to encourage teamwork.

- A heavy focus on meaningful character progression that prioritizes the advancement of player power and prestige.

- Questing that’s optional, not the primary means of character advancement.

- Quests that are meaningful, challenging, and rewarding.

- Engage in combat that will test you and your party, requiring strategy and preparation. (Read more about Pantheon's combat here)

- Train and use a wide variety of skills as part of your character’s growth as you level up.

- Limited and class based teleportation may get you close, but in order to reach many destinations you will have to traverse the realm-scarred lands of Terminus through the use of your own two feet, on the back of your mighty steed or even across the seas themselves.

- Quickly equip situational gear as you move from one climate to the next.

- An economy that is largely player driven.

- Visible loot. If you see an NPC wielding a weapon, you should be able to loot it off of their fallen body.

- Most items that are looted from NPCs will be tradeable.

- Dual targeting. Attack your target while healing your allies.

- Terminus is a world where instancing is the exception not the rule.

- Respect your surroundings, succumbing to death has its consequences.

- Some spells can be modified to hit one or multiple targets, and you can decide on the fly.

- Terminus is a world where Factions and Alignments matter. Ogres don’t belong in an Elven city (and so as not to offend the Ogre Rights Association, Elves don’t belong in an Ogre city either.)

- Horizontal character growth, with fewer levels and more meaningful gains per level.

- Community feedback helps drive decisions made. We want to hear your voice.

- The game will run on PC, Mac, and possibly other platforms in the future.

10-03-16, 00:24
venerdi' 11 marzo alle 4 pst (le 13.00 da noi) su twitch fanno vedere qualcosa del gioco link (https://www.twitch.tv/visionaryrealms)

10-03-16, 11:47
Quale sarebbe il pve vecchia maniera? Perché è talmente vaga come cosa da poter significare di tutto. Anche Wildstar aveva un pve stile WoW vanilla. Infatti si è svuotato
Da Tapatalk

10-03-16, 11:53
direi che e' quello in cui non ti viene regalato tutto come ai saldi. e infatti il progetto non punta ad acchiappare piu' gente possibile ipersemplificando ogni contenuto, punta a dare un senso di conquista meritata alle imprese dei giocatori e alla collaborazione tra gli stessi. la qualità del gioco la vedremo col tempo. intanto vediamo il filmato di domani come sara'.

10-03-16, 19:27
direi che e' quello in cui non ti viene regalato tutto come ai saldi. e infatti il progetto non punta ad acchiappare piu' gente possibile ipersemplificando ogni contenuto, punta a dare un senso di conquista meritata alle imprese dei giocatori e alla collaborazione tra gli stessi. la qualità del gioco la vedremo col tempo. intanto vediamo il filmato di domani come sara'.

Come, appunto, Wildstar. Che proprio per questo si è svuotato subito

10-03-16, 19:43
si vede che wildstar non aveva abbastanza appeal per reggere quella scelta. i parametri che entrano in gioco sono tanti (lore, bilanciamento scontri, grafica, varietà di contenuti, mondo di gioco, bug, fascino di quello che vedi a schermo, ecc...) E comunque... anche se con la sub reggessero solo un server usa e uno eu, sinceramente a chi ci gioca fregherebbe cazzi.

11-03-16, 13:28
ops non alle 13.00 ma all'una di notte. sorry :bua:

12-03-16, 06:34
ok visto. lo stato è ancora acerbo (è una pre-alfa) e ci sono molti placeholder, ma imho lascia ben sperare.

20-03-16, 09:53
Io PVE vecchia intendo Everquest, EQ2, Vanguard e in misura minore WoW Vanilla. È di questo che si parla? Perchè in caso affermativo sarei decisamente interessato anche se, come è stato detto, è probabile che non sia una formula che regga al giorno d'oggi. Wildstar l'ho anche provato e mi piaciucchiava, solo che lo stile grafico non l'ho mai digerito.
Certo ora che Everquest Next è stato cancellato (come si pensava ormai da anni) c'è veramente poco di nuovo all'orizzonte

24-06-19, 13:10
metto un video dove si parla del perché abbiano scelto unity per sviluppare il gioco e sotto le parole di brad mcquaid


Unity has been fantastic. It allowed us to start with virtually nothing -- we could download art assets, we could use built in code like UI, gameplay, network, shaders, etc. But then as we have grown, we have been able to test and use other libraries and functionality, many geared more for MMOs. Then, even more recently, we've begun to replace shaders with our own code, stock assets with our own assets, developing a solid content creation pipeline that incorporates popular and professional tools as well as in-house Pantheon-specific tools, and more. I have personally chatted with various people at Unity including the CEO and their goal, now that they feel they have the top engine for smaller teams and projects, is to compete directly with the higher end engines often used by AAA teams and at larger companies. To that end, Pantheon is very important to them because it's an MMO. I don’t know of any other genre that pushes every aspect of game development like MMOs do.

With MMOs, networking code and support (and speed and efficiency) is paramount. At this point we are using code that is plenty robust enough to take us into alpha and probably beyond. That said, we are also considering our own network layer to make things run even more efficiently and to give us the control we need to create both vast regions with hundreds or thousands of players and NPCs, as well as smaller areas packed with gamers perhaps doing a raid (or some other get-together). What’s key is we have options – modify what we’re using now, take advantage of tech that appears in the future, or even write most or all of our own tech.

One of the things that excites me the most is how often they update and also how easy it is to incorporate their updates into our game. If you look at our early streams and then follow along chronologically (as Baz did a bit in his video) you can see the visual fidelity go up and up. This is a combination of us getting better, putting in our own assets, modifying the engine itself where necessary (e.g. our own shaders and more), and Unity themselves consistently upgrading and expanding upon the capabilities (including the visual graphical goodness). Our efforts and their efforts combine and there have been several jumps in fidelity and performance since inception. And, quite honestly, this is an ongoing process and it really gets me excited. We are constantly working on both the guts of the game as well as how it looks -- we want watching the game to be as compelling as possible, not just playing it. In fact, our next major milestone, Project Faerthale, incorporates both a lot of new gameplay but also the graphics, animations, etc. have really leveled up.

So I'm feeling great about: 1. how far we've come (just look at the early stuff), 2. where we're at now, where we can put up screenshots that I think are pretty impressive, even when compared to other new and AAA titles, and 3. where we're going to end up at launch, again with tons of new art assets and graphical upgrades we're doing in-house as well as using the version of Unity that exists then as opposed to now. And this is key: normally, doing both would be a real headache - in my last project we had to eventually stop incorporating the latest engine updates and fork the code completely, taking the source code and heading off into the best direction possible for the game we were making. In fact, we did this with EQ as well – in that case the engine company was small and eventually shut down. So we had to grab all of the code, hire one of the engineers that worked on the original engine, and create one of the first MMO engines ever even though we were already well into development. That wasn’t easy – it paid off, but it took resources and time.

This has NOT happened with Unity. We've been able to upgrade to their more recent versions, often with not a lot of work involved. And there's nothing more rewarding than seeing your game suddenly advance in visuals, or in performance, etc. just by upgrading to a newer version! In a sense it's like we have two teams, we get together and merge our tech on occasion, and the result is fantastic. Stuff like this did NOT happen even 10 years ago. Honestly, I can't even envision how good Pantheon will play, perform, and look at launch. And then, of course, there’s the Grand Vision -- where we'll end up taking Pantheon post-launch. You see, we're not stopping, and neither is Unity. We’ll always continue to push the tech to make a better looking and playing game. So Pantheon Expansion #3, just as an example, will likely look upgraded, even in the same older areas, than how it looked at launch. So yes, absolutely we made the right call (not that there aren't other awesome engines, with trade-offs of course, out there). But I know Unity was the right choice for us at inception and then has continued to be and will continue. Again, I would recommend you find really early videos of the game, then check it out a few months later, and then check out the next one after that, etc. To me, that's proof of what I'm talking about, that I'm not just drinking my own Kool-Aid here -- the proof is there and there's zero reason not to assume both Visionary Realms and Unity will continue to play very well with each other far, far into the future.

In the meantime, if you are a developer, whether a couple of guys in a garage or a well-established team and studio, I’d definitely study the top engines out there and of course pick the one best for you both at this time and thinking of where you’ll be in the future. And you know what? Unity may well be that right choice, that choice that both lets you focus on game development right away and also doesn’t cause you to regret your decision months or years later. -Brad

21-11-19, 01:09
purtroppo brad mcquaid è morto pochi giorni fa. speriamo che il resto dei dev sappiano rendergli onore completando un gioco degno della sua visione dei mmorpg. rip.