Visualizza Versione Completa : Age of Empires II: Euro Cup LAN Final Stage

25-08-17, 19:42


Escape Gaming's Euro Cup LAN
Hey all!

We have been having a blast getting to meet a bunch of Age fans this week at Gamescom, and its not over yet! We've still got the Euro Cup LAN Finals to watch:)

The tournament is being streamed live from Gamescom this Saturday. Tune in to mixer.com/escapeaoe at 8:00 GMT on August 26th to join in on the action! Or if you're at Gamescom head to Hall 5.2, booth b20 by 10:00 local time to follow along live.

For more info on the tournament check out ZeroEmpire's post here: http://escape.gg/euro-cup-lan-final-stage-info-settings/