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17-11-17, 10:25
For the virgin, do not want to give the first time to the toy, recommend vibrating eggs
Vibrating eggs stimulate the vulva, chest and other sensitive parts, as long as not enter the body of the hymen will not be damaged, and the clitoris orgasm is usually easier than other modes of orgasm, and also better, so not inserted can play well to enjoy the better orgasm.

For girls who are not virgins, but the experience is not rich, a vibrating egg and the bullet vibrator (https://www.amazon.com/PhiloToys-Massager-8-Pattern-Personal-Therapeutic-Rechargeable/dp/B071ZS239H)are recommended. The Durex V-VIBE vibrator is generally ergonomically designed, and it is more comfortable and more comfortable, usually with moderate vibration intensity, which is smooth and slightly curved, and there is no ball in the body.

Couples who have never used fun toys recommended using vibrating eggs and the bullet vibrator.

Couples who don't use toys don't need to be rich, mostly to experience novel ways, such as a vibrator with moderate vibration intensity.

When the husband and wife play together, don't end with the heart, play a good fun, especially the boys to control the toys, don't worry too much, look at the interest research institute position, the first time to play well, after all kinds of experience easy.

17-11-17, 11:43
questo ve lo lascio, magari può essere utile

Don Luca
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15-08-18, 13:31
too have to say that are incredible! I have a Jessica model C8T, and she is easily the most pleasurable doll I've ever owned. At 3' 10" tall, I was worried that she'd be too short for me, but her height doesn't make the slightest bit of difference. the combination of being so tired and coming so hard in her a couple of nights ago made me actually black out for just a split-second. :lol: I'm not even kidding.

Another solid doll that would fall into your price range are the Teddy Babes. They are fabric, stuffed love dolls. They only have a vaginal hole, but they are apparently quite cuddly and fun to sleep with at night. I don't have one yet, but I plan to buy one in the coming year or so. I've heard good things about them and many members of TDF own at least one TB.

I've been a lifelong (since I saw one at 8 years old) fan of inflatable dolls, so I can't say enough good things about them. The best part about them, is that if you can get over their unrealistic appearance (which I find infinitely charming), they are affordable and are often great in bed. Some of my biggest orgasms have been with inflatable dolls (though Jessica officially holds the top spot). Despite their fragile appearance, if cared for, they can last for years. I've had most of my infaltababes for over a year now, and have only had to do minor patch-jobs once or twice on some of them, and not at all with others.

As far as higher-end inflatables go, dolls like Hannah Harper, Agent 69, and my personal favorite, Ran Amano, are all popular among the vinyl doll owning community. The Poupee Latex inflatable dolls from France are higher-end still, and are also quite popular.

I can't really speak for other sextoys (https://top10sextoys.com/), as love dolls are my toy par excellence, but I'm sure there are a lot of options out there. Try a few out and see what you like the most. I'll be investing in a collection of anal toys soon, and I plan on buying a few different ones just to see what I like the best. Experimentation is key.

Most of all, remember to have fun!

18-08-18, 14:58
Uattà. :raffo: