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    Il beat'em up sviluppato da Marvelous per PSVita uscirà in giappone il 21 aprile: ecco uno degli ultimi trailer rilasciati e alcune informazioni da Gematsu sul gioco, creato dalla stessa mente dietro Senran Kagura.

    The latest game from the producer of Senran Kagura.

    Famitsu has gone up with its first online preview of Uppers, Marvelous’ newly announced PS Vita beat ’em up from Senran Kagura producer Keinchiro Takaki.

    Uppers is set on an isolated island where fighting has become the largest form of entertainment. On this island, outlaws gather with hidden intentions and fight using only their fists.

    Last Resort Island is a hangout for battle-starved individuals. You can freely riot the city and beat up enemies, hurling opponents, breaking walls, and throwing objects like bikes in battles without rules. You can even break a fire hydrant and throw enemies in the geyser that shoots out of it.

    Players will battle against enemies in phantasmagorical fighting action. Attacks will automatically change to the best techniques based on the enemy’s position and posture. You can mercilessly attack enemies while they’re flying and falling. Complex controls and a reason to fight do not exist. Button mash to your heart’s content and beat down the enemies standing in your way.

    Read more at http://gematsu.com/2015/10/first-loo...AXHe8dzvHRe.99

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    Re: Uppers

    non so troppo giappo pure per me ormai

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    Re: Uppers

    Non so, a vederlo avrei preferito un gameplay meno caciarone e più improntato sugli scontri singoli... così mi pare poco interessante.

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