Developed by Omega Force, the protagonist of Dynasty Warriors Eiketsuden is Zhao Yun, and players move their units on a grid. It is a simulation RPG through and through, but because it is a Warriors game, players only control one military commander unit. Small-fry opponents will appear in large amounts on the map, and when battles begin, Warriors series-style action scenes will unfold

Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden is the magnificent, grand fantasy adventure that interweaves Zhao Yun, a young warrior of the Changshan, Lei Bin, his childhood friend, and Li Xia, a girl awakened in a mysterious shrine. In the midst of Dong Zhuo’s tyranny, his collapse and the rival commanders holding their ground, and the Battle of Red Cliffs, and all the swirling currents of the Three Kingdoms period, one story will soon lead to a legendary battle that transcends time.

■ System

Both friendly and enemy armies will act mutually on the battlefield. It is based on the system of turn-based simulation RPGs, and sees players moving to defeat their enemies while working out tactics. There are various exciting attack enemies and various elements that influence the outcome of your units. Players will make use of multiple matchless military commanders arranged on a grid in a new style Warriors game where battles of deep intellect develop.

■ Characters

Li Xia (left, voiced by Minami Tsuda)

A girl sealed away for many years in a shrine near the village where Zhao Yun was raised. When Zhao Yun and his childhood friend Lei Bin visit the shrine, she awakens. Why was she sealed? Who exactly is she?

Lei Bin (right, voiced by Makoto Furukawa)

Zhao Yun’s old friend and a scholarly young man who likes investigating old legends and historical things. In a small shrine near their village, Lei Bin and Zhao Yun encounter Li Xia, who was sealed away. They solve the seal. Because of her curiosity and his quest for the truth, Li Xia sticks with Zhao Yun and Lei Bin.