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"Now that tickles," she said, grabbing my hand and pulling it down a little off her chest. It was still resting against her ribs and I let it continue down her front side, centering it on her belly (which was exposed as usual). I stopped it at her belly button and maneuvered it around like I was trying to stick it inside her shorts. She let go of my hand and just continued to watch my face . . . while I played around with it.

I was looking down at it, and occasionally glancing up at her pretty face as I moved it down to the top of her shorts. There was a tie string at the top of the garment and three small brass buttons that ran down with the last one right above her hidden pussy. I ran it passed the string until it buzzed against the first button. I checked her face and she grinned, so I continued to the second one. When she didn't try to stop me, I let the vibrator buzz against the lowest button.

She was watching me with a serious face, almost daring me to go farther. When I took the assumed dare and moved it lower, she grabbed my hand again, but not before I managed to get the tip of it down to where her pubis curves . . . under between her legs. I was pressing it against the beginning of her slit and holding it tight as she timidly tried to push my hand back.


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