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Discussione: Age of Empires, Age of Mythology e pure Rise of Nations

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    Re: Age of Empires, Age of Mythology e pure Rise of Nations



    Patch 2.3 (Minor update)

    Patch 2.3
    Just a minor update only 1 day after Patch 2.2 went out. Updating the version was necessary to prevent cross build desyncs due to the war salamander pathfinding fix.

    Bug Fixes

    Amphibious units can now traverse terrains properly once again.
    The game will no longer spontaneously pause due to breakpoints existing in some AI scripts.
    Desync tracking system will now generate logs when you play scenarios.
    You cannot enable the desync tracking system in quickmatch (settings are ignored).

    We're still looking into some data fixes that went into Patch 2.0 Hotfix #3 that got lost when Patch 2.1 was introduced. For example, the AI won't cross Yellow River.

    We are also aware there is a refresh issue in the lobby browser. This isn't something that was changed, so we believe there is a problem on the Valve side, but we are investigating this. Some people have posted information that if you change the dropdown from ping to something else and back again, it'll recover quicker.

    Patch Discussion Thread

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    Re: Age of Empires, Age of Mythology e pure Rise of Nations

    Age of Mythology EE:


    Patch 2.4
    Please discuss feedback here.


    Desyncs involving player disconnection has been improved.
    There are some rare known issues with the vote dialog that we are continuing to work through.


    Selecting units with drag select should now correctly display the appropriate amount of units.
    Flying units can now correctly attack each other.
    Chinese Shared Settlement hotkeys should now be changeable.
    Chinese Caravans should now be affected by the Coinage upgrade.
    Tech Tree should now function correctly for the original Campaigns. For example, the earthquake icon should no longer appear in the town center for mission 3 of the Fall of the Trident campaign.
    Mods should no longer crash when loading into gameplay if the file path exceeds 127 characters.

    Data/Balance Updates:

    Great Flood now constantly damages units while caught in the wave (units can garrison inside buildings to protect themselves).
    Great Flood wave does more damage to units whereas buildings suffer more damage from the initial impact.
    Call to Arms should no longer affect naval units.
    Call to Arms max number of human unit duplication had been lowered to 4 (from 5).
    Chinese Garden gather rate for food, wood and gold has been reduced by 5%.
    Chinese Villager gather rate has been reduced by 5%.
    Chinese Villagers can no longer be bolted.
    Chinese Nu Wa Villagers cost reduction has been removed.
    Chinese Junk Boats have had their HP reduced by 20.
    Chinese Scouts attack has been reduced by 50% in Archaic.
    Chinese Immortals attack has been reduced by 50% in Archaic.
    Terracotta Warrior lethal dust now instantly deals 15 pierce damage (instead of dealing 10 pierce damage per second).
    Terracotta Warrior cost has been increased to 120 wood / 10 favor (from 90 / .
    Terracotta Warrior cost return on death has been reduced to an average of 20 wood / 2 favor (from 40 / 4).

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    Re: Age of Empires, Age of Mythology e pure Rise of Nations


    Patch 4.7
    Hello and long time no see!

    We have been looking into a variety of your concerns and with desyncs still affecting some players we wanted to start there. Desyncs have proven difficult to track down so we’ve improved the logging system to provide a wider range of information. This information is key for identifying and fixing these remaining issues.

    So we need your help, please select yes on the popup when asked to upload your desync logs.

    – details below!

    We have also included some other gameplay improvements that will hopefully improve your overall gameplay experience.

    Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to move forward from here.

    This discussion thread will be the main thread we monitor.

    Improved Desync Logging:
    The desync logging system has been improved and now logs additional details like player and game settings:
    When a player encounters a desync their logs will now include additional game and player state information which is critical in tracking down these problems.
    Sync logging parameters have also been exposed in a config file (Age2HD/desync-tracking.txt). If you’d like to alter your settings you can open the file in a standard text editor (like notepad) and follow the written instructions. When playing a multiplayer game all users will update their settings to match the host. This will ensure that everyone is running the same parameters.
    The data collected by these logs is now stored in memory rather than logging to a file (which endlessly grows during gameplay and is very slow). This approach also enables us to only collect the data for the frames in and around the time of the desync.
    If you encounter memory issues (by increasing the frames for example) the game will automatically reduce the number of frames recorded if memory has become scarce.
    When a player encounters a desync a file will be generated and saved in the logs folder (Age2HD/Logs). To manage space only the 10 most recent logs will be saved.
    This file will also be sent to the development team if you select yes on the pop-up when asked to upload their logs. We encourage all users to do this so we can work together in tracking these down

    AI Improvements:
    AI Boar Lures now have better placement. Gathering should now be more efficient and AI hunters should die less frequently when using a Boar Lure.
    Boar luring villagers should now garrison sooner if they are at low health.
    sn-home-exploration-time function should now default to 300 (rather than -1)
    up-drop-resources function now should now work as expected.
    sn-gather-idle-soldiers-at-center function should now work as expected. When
    playing a King of the Hill game the AI should now try to take the center instead of using patrol orders.

    Farms should no longer appear depleted before they’re empty. Villagers should now correctly gather every last morsel before the depleted sound effects plays.
    The Save Chapter button has returned! When playing a game with the record game option checked the Save Chapter option will appear in the menu list. The hotkey associated with this action is also functioning.
    File names within the game should now display special characters correctly when saving and loading (within the game menus).
    Unit outlines should now display correctly when villagers are obscured by buildings and objects.
    Water animations now correctly stop when the game is paused to give players a better visual indication that the game is correctly paused.

    Other Updates:
    We are aware of the importance of MP Restore and are actively working towards a long term solution. Due to the complexity of this feature we want to ensure it is stable before pushing out a patch.
    We’ve recently moved to a new build making process to align with the latest Steam Updates so older patch builds will be unavailable until we can update them. Due to this new process we may not be able to resurrect all of the old builds (specifically the XP branch).
    Balance updates will also be coming with the next patch. Especially fans of extreme tower wars will need to expand their tactics in the future.

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    Re: Age of Empires, Age of Mythology e pure Rise of Nations

    Grandi notizie! Sembra che la funzione di recupero account eso per age of empires 3 sia tornata attiva, sono riuscito finalmente a recuperare la password, domani provo a reinstallare il gioco!

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