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    Divide è un'avventura grafica isometrica in uscita per PS4 e più tardi per PC. ecco le prime informazioni e media sul gioco:

    Isometric sci-fi adventure Divide announced for PS4

    A modern take on the isometric adventure games of the past.

    Independent studio Exploding Tuba Studios has announced Divide, a character-driven, sci-fi action adventure game due out for PlayStation 4 later this year. (Update: And “soon after,” it will also come to PC.)

    The game promises a “compelling story” about an ordinary person thrust into extraordinary circumstances. It is a modern take on the isometric adventure games of the past, with controls that borrow from dual-stick shooters. Players will advance the story through “atmospheric dungeon crawl,” including opening locked doors, breaking into abandoned computer systems, and rummaging through dimly lit complexes.

    The main character is a man named David, voiced by Tom Everett Scott, who is “from our world” and knows just as much as the player when it comes to the story. When you discover new pieces to the story, you must question their validity. Dialogue options will help you uncover clues and revelations to reach your own conclusion.


    Divide is a character-driven, science fiction action/adventure game with a modern take on isometric adventures of the past. Search for clues that reveal new insight into the story, interact with fully realized characters, and combat enemies by hacking out of sight, or launching a direct assault.

    Key Features

    Discover – Every facet of story in Divide is delivered with a bias. A snippet of dialog may be a half truth, an old memorandum may be mere propaganda. As the player gains new insight, discerning truth from lie becomes more and more of a concern. Each new revelation expands dialog options giving the player opportunity to come to their own conclusions about what to believe.
    Control – Similar to a dual-stick shooter, the player moves with the left stick and aims with the right stick. Everything else from sprinting to shooting a sidearm to interacting with the main character’s augmented reality interface are mapped to the shoulder buttons. Fingers and thumbs stay put, while the player stays in control.
    Combat – Combat in Divide is stacked heavily against the player. Each encounter has the potential to get completely out of hand. Combat areas, big and small, can be directly assaulted using a futuristic side-arm and the potential aid of an ally. The player also has the option to slink through using stealth and misdirection by hacking the enemy’s own communication.
    Explore – Divide is a science fiction dungeon crawl. Power up derelict complexes, unlock jammed doors, and delve into long abandoned computer networks as you dust off the secrets of the mighty Vestige Corporation. Players explore expansive “detail mapped” isometric environments and stroll through deep matte paintings that bring Divide’s world to life.

    Read more at http://gematsu.com/2016/03/isometric...xm3YtuuiRAc.99

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    Re: Divide

    Epperò, mi intriga!

    Sul radar.

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