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    Voidrunner is an intense multiplayer flight game which introduces FPS controls to the flight genre in exotic, epic landscapes.
    Voidrunner, developed by RealityArts and made in stunning Unreal Engine 4, Targeted for PC,MAC, Linux and next generation consoles, expected to be released in Steam Early Access on Q2 2016.
    The visual design is one of a kind for a flying game as the whole design is being created like an RPG with incredible attention to detail for the psychedelic design of the Void.
    Voidrunner also fully supports Virtual Reality systems.

    - 11 game modes for both Single/Multiplayer from exclusives such as Destroy the Base, City Attack and Voidspace Attack to classics like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Miner (Flag).
    - Ship classes similar to RPG games. Players choose their classes (fighter, hunter etc.) and fight with their ships.
    - Experience and Achievements system for character progression.
    - Soundtrack by Siddhartha Barnhoorn (Antichamber, The Stanley Parable, Out There Omega

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