IMPORTANT: ArtOfZoo will be closing in the next 48 hours

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Discussione: IMPORTANT: ArtOfZoo will be closing in the next 48 hours

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    IMPORTANT: ArtOfZoo will be closing in the next 48 hours

    "Time to Say Goodbye"

    By: Adam

    Dearest Gaia Members,

    myself and the lovely Gaia Team have fought hard over the past 5 years (plus all the previous years) to continue releasing quality pet movies. Our intrepid Models and Producers have created some wonderful petlove moments. And with a little help from our loyal Members, we have released these movies to the world.

    Back before I began this journey ľ back when animalsex videos were considered 'weird and bizarre' ľ it was always my aim to make petlove beautiful. To show the world that this was a natural, innocent, vibrant sexuality. That us real petlovers are not alone. I believe, together, we have achieved that. Millions of people have seen our movies in every corner of the world. People from every walk of life. Our movies are usually among the Top 10 most popular movies on any number of major file sharing sites. I think we would be na´ve to assume that we have not influenced at least a few to dabble in petlove for themselves. Naughty fun aside, petlove is primarily about love. Let's not forget understanding, and of course rebellion. It's clear that this world needs these things more than anything else.

    The past few years has been a real challenge, and we have achieved a great deal together. File sharing continues to be popular, and as such is probably the future. Sadly, what we do is not compatible with such a world. I'm sure you've all seen Karma struggling a little more each month. Without Karma, we can't continue. We have released pet movies as long as you have demanded them, and as such our work is complete. It's time to say goodbye, and move on to new adventures.

    We will be closing down ArtOfZoo and Gaia Gold in about 1 months time. This should give all our Members the opportunity to spend any remaining Beans on your accounts. And if there are any must-have movies that you haven't had the opportunity to purchase ľ now would be the time to do it. I'll post up precise closing dates when we have organized everything. But please spend your Beans as soon as possible.

    It's been a ride Gang. Man we have had some crazy times. Some good, some bad. But always an adventure. We've been all around the world, made many friends, and had more pet fun than you could shake a furry stick at. We could not have done any of that without you. Many of you have been with us since the very beginning; others have just arrived. Everyone has played their part, and for that I remain eternally grateful.

    I want to say a huge thanks to all our fabulous Members, for keeping the ship afloat all these years. A monster thanks to all our amazing Models and Producers. I've been staring at dog penises pumping nice pussies day in and day out, for well over 10 years. Even so, your dedication to petlove never ceases to inspire. And the amazing media you have created, continues to take my breath away. Pet movies have a habit of sticking around for a long, long time. I expect folks will be enjoying our movies long into the future. As legacies go, it's a pretty cool one.

    A huge thanks to all our volunteers - artists, writers, everyone that has helped us along the way. You have been epic, each and every one.

    Finally I would like to say a big thanks to ALL Pet People. I know you are out there, behind closed doors. Getting up to wonderful and exciting things with your pets, and pet friends. Whatever adventures will follow, they will be hard-pressed to be quite as colourful as the world of petlove.

    I'll miss you all very much. Be happy, be healthy, be lucky. And absolutely, never stop loving those pets.

    Maybe we will meet again, down the road. Until then, all the very best.

    Your friend,


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    Re: IMPORTANT: ArtOfZoo will be closing in the next 48 hours

    uat de fac

    e poi si paga di brutto

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    Re: IMPORTANT: ArtOfZoo will be closing in the next 48 hours

    spero in un siterip nei fiumi a breve.

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    Re: IMPORTANT: ArtOfZoo will be closing in the next 48 hours

    Che Ŕ? Furry?

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    Re: IMPORTANT: ArtOfZoo will be closing in the next 48 hours

    Siete ancora in tempo per leggere la ethical policy che Ŕ un capolavoro

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    Re: IMPORTANT: ArtOfZoo will be closing in the next 48 hours

    Citazione Originariamente Scritto da Sinex/ Visualizza Messaggio
    Siete ancora in tempo per leggere la ethical policy che Ŕ un capolavoro

    We understand that the media we publish, and the activities featured therein, exist in an ethical grey area.

    Publicly speaking of course, the nature of the lifestyle choices suggested here are considered ethically wrong in the same way that homosexuality was once considered a sickness. Fortunately, ethics are a personal or cultural matter; where minds are capable of rational thought, it is duty to "speak your truth quietly and clearly".

    This statement is intended to inform those who do not understand the topics presented herein. It is not intended to justify any behaviors; the fact that this body of text exists and is being read suggests that we do not need to justify anything in order to proceed. That being said, we feel that such a text may prove positive in some respect.

    We do not endorse nor condone any act of cruelty toward any animal, be they hominid or otherwise.

    We do not believe the sexual act to be cruel or evil. Instead, we consider it to be a natural, healthy form of expression provided consent is given.

    As to matters of consent, it is said that spoken communication is some 60 to 70% non-verbal. This is how travellers to foreign cities manage to navigate around and get things done despite not speaking a single word of a language.

    Any experienced animal owner will attest to understanding with clarity communications such as:

    - "I want to go out".
    - "I want my dinner".
    - "I don't like this".
    - "I like that".

    And so on.

    A dog frantically trying to have sex with you is fairly self explanatory. Mutilating the animals genetalia, we feel, is not the most ethical response should such a communication arrive.

    Lines of communication are wide open for those who choose to take the time to understand the entities they live alongside.

    Our animals are particularly well cared for, and do not hesitate to involve themselves fully when the opportunity to engage presents itself. A dog does not do what he does because he has been trained. Sexual response cannot be trained – and there is no need to. This activity is a natural response. Generally speaking, boys will be boys.

    An aroused male is a healthy male. Stress, fear, poor diet or mistreatment – any of these things will affect the libido of any male. Therefore it is important and to everyones advantage that our animals are cared for with the same verve as any champion racehorse.

    Regarding what various religious doctrines prescribe regarding these activities – the interaction and symbiosis between species existed long before any such doctrine was penned, and exists still today. Typically, the reasons for rejecting these behaviors was (is) political. No more need be said about that here.

    Nonetheless, in terms of preventing cruelty and abuse, we feel as strongly about these matters as those who may find these activities "uncomfortable" given their present understanding.

    Animals in our care are part of the family. Tended to, fully innoculated, with regular veterinary checkups and grooming. Our animals receive plenty of exercise, and take a raw food diet as it is considered the healthiest alternative. You will find no mistreated animals here.

    Presented with the opportunity, our animals will have sex with you in a heartbeat (whoever you are). The choice to accept or decline is naturally yours, however as to which choice is cruel and which is not is merely a matter of perspective and understanding.

    We do not accept movies for publication depicting cruelty toward, or suffering of any animal.

    We do not accept movies for publication which endorse cruelty to animals.

    If a movie is presented to us depicting an animal which does not appear to be well cared for, we will not accept it.

    We only accept movies depicting active involvement of any male. If a male animal is passively involved, this may be considered "forcing" and we will not accept it.

    We only publish media depicting male animals with female models. We do not publish any media depicting female animals as this may be considered "forcing". It is not our position to judge such movies, however it is our choice to endeavor to keep the delineation between cruelty and consent as clear as possible.

    During shoots, animals are provided with plenty of water, and a "cool area" with fans, since video lighting can get quite hot.

    In short, those engaging in said activities cannot be categorized in a single term; as such, they should not be considered equal in the same way that a serial rapist could be considered equal to a loyal spouse simply because they both engage in male/female penetrative sex.

    We hope this has given you a brief glimpse into our attitude towards animals. Your understanding is not expected, but should any be forthcoming it is appreciated.

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